It’s been hot – has it not?  The summer days are rolling steadily through our little valley, bringing nothing less than the humidity and the heat of a Pennsylvania summer.  Here, we say it like this: “August is coming …”  July and August are no doubt the hottest you can be here, and by the creek we get humidity to make you feel like you’re under a wet blanket.  Needless to say, we – of anyone, understand the woes of cooking and baking during the summer.

Our house is as old as the mill – 300 years for your information.  We don’t have an attic, so there’s no way to air condition the place other than one or two window units for the elite of the household. Me. I have an air conditioner.  Other than that, the kitchen is blazing hot, so cooking is not an option.  I’ll say it up front.  This blog is dedicated to those things that you eat cold.

Our berries make fantastic summer salads, our oatmeal is great as a cold cereal, our pasta is fire as a cold pasta salad, and our corn products make some corn pudding you won’t want to see the end of.  Some of my fondest memories are from the dinner table.

My mom is an incredible cook, and she lives a lawless life of no recipes.  “They’re ~suggestions~ “ she says.  Endless arms, hands, and shouting across the table as our family somehow holds 8 conversations among 7 people.  A family of 5 and usually 2 friends or so.  Everyone eats, everyone loves it. 

Table-scapes are my mom’s art medium.  Candles, fancy (or not) plates, table runners and salads that look like they came off the cover of Good Housekeeping – but better.

For dessert, we could have fresh corn pudding or tomato-basil on top of mozzarella slices ( my personal favorite).  Our products are so much more than bread.  Don’t think of bread when you think of us, think of fresh.  Think alive. Think family, and think real.  Because that is what we are. We are real, we are family, and we make real. Good. Food.  And it is good.

By Liesel Fischer