Bringing Home the Colors of Fall

  What does Fall mean? Usually, it means celebration.  Crowding around the table with friends and family, traveling from state to state to get those annual visits in, and the on-ramp to the December holidays and New Years. This year, obviously things are different.       Yet here stands a unique opportunity: To simplify.  Time that was usedContinue reading “Bringing Home the Colors of Fall”

A Castle In A Storm

As all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a resounding effect on the restaurant business and the food industry as a whole.  From food shortages, plant closures, and the complete shut-down of public restaurants country-wide, Castle Valley Mill’s future was uncertain.  Pre-pandemic, our main business flourished among large-scale distributors, restaurants, and the distilling industry.  WhenContinue reading “A Castle In A Storm”